Disney Parks, Planning

One of the best kept secrets at Disney World and Disneyland is rope drop (with apologies to Disney Vacation Club for stealing your thunder).  Rope drop is the time when the park opens.  Arriving at the park for rope drop is one of the best ways to maximize your time at the Disney parks.… Read the rest

Disney Cruise

I don’t know that you could ever call a Disney cruise “cheap.”  However, you can find some less expensive Disney cruises.  Here are some of our techniques for taking less expensive cruises:

  1. Off season
  2. Early bookings
  3. On board bookings
  4. Late Bookings


Off season

Booking during the off-season (when schools are typically in session) can result in great savings.  The most expensive Disney cruises are definitely at Christmas Break, Summer Break, and Spring Break.  We try to find cruises that are during long weekend breaks during the school calendar when other schools might be in session.  Another great time for us is the last two weeks before Labor Day.  A lot of schools go back into session during this time, but ours don’t start until the Tuesday after Labor Day.  This gives us a two week period in which we can find a slightly cheaper cruise to take advantage of.… Read the rest

Travel Cost

You’ve planned the perfect Walt Disney World vacation.  Assuming you are staying on property, you’ve got your flights planned out as well as your Disney vacation package (complete with tickets, hotel and dining plan).  Now you’re faced with another tough decision: should you get a rental car or not?… Read the rest