Disney Gift Cards, Shopping, Target

Today, December 20th 2015 only, Target is selling gift cards for 10% off, up to $300 worth.  You can get them online or in store.  There is supposedly a limit of $300 per household, but there is nothing stopping you from ordering $300 online, then heading to a few stores to pick up more. … Read the rest

Credit Cards

I got my first blog related question from a friend/reader the other week.  He was fine with sharing the question and the related advice.
We have an expense coming up that will total around $4000 due in the next week or two, so I’m thinking about opening a new credit card and floating it on there. Read the rest

preGoing through security at the airport is right up there on my list with going to the dentist.  I like the result, but getting through the process isn’t the most pleasant thing.  Going through the airport security with children in tow is even worse. … Read the rest