Disney Cruise, Travel Cost

Disney Cruise Line just released the Summer 2018 cruise itineraries and prices.  I wanted to be able to analyze the prices across all the itineraries and sailings in order to find a good deal.  I found that I could generate the web page from Disney Cruise Line with my preferred sailing party (2 adults and 2 children) and select the times.  This generates a web page that looks like this:

I can then expand all the triangular arrows (at left of each listed cruise) to see more details about the prices, like this:

If I copy and paste the information into a text file, I can generate the following spreadsheet by running it through a program I wrote, which will generate the following spreadsheet (which I loaded into Google Sheets):

The spreadsheet allows me to break down prices on a price per day (PPD) basis, which is really what I’m after.  You can also sort it based on whichever column you want, including date, sailing, or price per day.… Read the rest