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This is Part 4 of 6 detailing a four day cruise we took in January of 2015.  You will be able to see the other parts here:

We woke up the next day with the boat docked in Nassau.  Since we didn’t plan on going into the town, we slept in a bit late.  One of the girls LOVES the french toast served at Beach Blanket, the buffet served on Deck 9.  We headed up there for breakfast, then staked out some chairs on the pool deck.  We settled in to let the girls swim in the pools.  Nancy and I relaxed and watched movies on the Funnel Vision.  The older girl decides now is the time to tell us that they have soft pretzels at the pizza place on Deck 9.  As a family, we love Disney pretzels with a passion.  This was our third cruise and we were just now finding out about the free pretzels!!!  So, needless to say, we stuffed ourselves stupid with them.… Read the rest

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This is Part 1 of 6 detailing a four day cruise we took in January of 2015.  You will be able to see the other parts here:


Our most important factor when making a decision on a vacation is whether there are any conflicts with our school calendar.  We have noticed that traditional school vacation times are not ideal for cruising from a cost perspective — when browsing the Disney Cruise Line website, you’ll notice that there are price bumps during the winter holidays and Spring Break — so we tend to focus on teacher workdays that line up with holidays.  Such was the case in the cold of Washington in January 2015.  Two teacher workdays and an early dismissal gave us the necessary amount of time to sneak in a 4 night cruise on the Disney Wonder out of Miami.… Read the rest

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For a number of years when the kids were young, we never made plans to take a spring break vacation.  It’s generally too cold to really enjoy the beaches near us.  We knew that Walt Disney World tends to be very crowded during spring break week, so that was out as an option as well.  We usually just stayed home and tried to balance who was going to take time off from work to do local activities with the kids.… Read the rest

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When we first considered a Disney Cruise Line vacation, we had no idea what to expect.  Since we are used to very active vacations when we visit Walt Disney World — all that walking! — we didn’t know if we would be bored, stuck on a ship with nothing to do.  We couldn’t have been more wrong.  From the moment you board the ship, you will find a variety of activities that are far from boring.  In fact, you may even find that some Disney Cruise Line vacations are just as active as a Walt Disney World trip; there’s so much to do that you can end up running from one end of the ship to the other if you try to do it all.… Read the rest

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If you’re thinking about a vacation on Disney Cruise Line, one of the first decisions you’ll be faced with (after you decide on an itinerary) is what kind of room to book.  There are four main types of staterooms on Disney Cruise Line: Inside, Ocean View, Verandah, and Concierge.  We have described each below, with pictures where we have them available.… Read the rest

Disney Cruise

Cruising is a great alternative to a Disney Parks vacation: it’s basically a nice relaxing vacation in a floating Disney resort hotel that takes you to a wonderful set of destinations.  Disney offers cruises to many locations including the Caribbean, Alaska, and Europe.… Read the rest

Disney Cruise

I don’t know that you could ever call a Disney cruise “cheap.”  However, you can find some less expensive Disney cruises.  Here are some of our techniques for taking less expensive cruises:

  1. Off season
  2. Early bookings
  3. On board bookings
  4. Late Bookings


Off season

Booking during the off-season (when schools are typically in session) can result in great savings.  The most expensive Disney cruises are definitely at Christmas Break, Summer Break, and Spring Break.  We try to find cruises that are during long weekend breaks during the school calendar when other schools might be in session.  Another great time for us is the last two weeks before Labor Day.  A lot of schools go back into session during this time, but ours don’t start until the Tuesday after Labor Day.  This gives us a two week period in which we can find a slightly cheaper cruise to take advantage of.… Read the rest