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I had the great privilege and honor to be invited back on my favorite podcast, Rope Drop Radio, to discuss various ways to take Disney vacations for less money. 

Derek and Doug, the hosts of Rope Drop Radio, are two dads who love Disney.  Their goal is helping you navigate the Disney Parks and never missing a rope drop!  They want to share tips and tricks, travel plans, and must sees to help you have an amazing Disney trip! 

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When we plan a Disney World trip, we break the trip into 5 basic components.


This is the cost to get you and your family to Disney World.  Transportation costs vary based upon the way you choose to arrive in Orlando, the distance involved, and the level of luxury you desire.  Driving from three hours away in a small family car is going to cost a lot less than driving 24 hours in a large SUV.  Flying usually costs more than driving, especially if a rental car is involved once you land.  You can, of course, skip the rental car and just use Magical Express if you are staying on Disney property!… Read the rest

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You’ve made your travel plans, picked the perfect days to visit the parks, and gotten your tickets.  You’ve even planned out your outfits for the park.  What’s left to do?  Dining, of course!  One of the fantastic benefits of choosing a Disney vacation is the multitude of dining options they offer in the parks and resorts. … Read the rest

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IMG_6668If you are a Florida resident, Disney Vacation Club Member, or a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder, the Tables in Wonderland card is a great way to save money while dining on Disney property.  The Tables in Wonderland card will save you 20% off the price of food and beverages, including alcohol, at more than 100 different restaurants at Walt Disney World. 

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One of the tricks I’ve described before is to look at alternate travel arrangements.  When considering whether to upgrade our tickets this summer to annual passes, I looked for economical travel/lodging arrangements for other possible trips.  We had several school breaks to consider, including a Halloween-based trip (which includes some teacher work days in November) and an early February trip (using teacher work days as well). … Read the rest

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Feeding a family at Disney World can get expensive.  You usually won’t have access to a kitchen if you stay on property, so you will be relying on restaurants for most of your meals.  Disney restaurants can be pricey; the meals can cost from double to triple what a comparable meal would cost at home. … Read the rest