Disney Gift Cards, Grocery Store, Target

What does grocery shopping have to do with Disney vacation planning? It’s simple: the less you spend on groceries, the more you will have available for your vacation! There are many ways to maximize your discounts when shopping at the grocery store.  I won’t go into the many ways of using coupons to lower your overall bill; although couponing is a great strategy to take advantage of, it’s not our area of expertise.  I’m talking more about the methods of using credit cards or purchasing particular items to save money that you can later apply to a Disney trip.… Read the rest

Credit Cards, Grocery Store

Every once in a while, you will find discounts or cash back for purchasing prepaid credit cards.  These cards will have the Visa or Master Card logo on them.  These prepaid cards generally come in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $200, and sometimes more. 

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Food Cost, Grocery Store

Feeding a family at Disney World can get expensive.  You usually won’t have access to a kitchen if you stay on property, so you will be relying on restaurants for most of your meals.  Disney restaurants can be pricey; the meals can cost from double to triple what a comparable meal would cost at home. … Read the rest