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Disney cruises are one of our favorite ways to vacation.  One of the few issues we have experienced while on the ship (and travel in general) is how to keep all of our electronic devices charged up.  As a family of four, we have a multitude of cell phones, iPads, and Kindles that need a recharge.  We used to travel with a bag full of wall chargers and cables that went everywhere.  This was a real problem once we boarded the cruise ship, since there are a limited number of wall plugs available.… Read the rest

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When we plan a Disney World trip, we break the trip into 5 basic components.


This is the cost to get you and your family to Disney World.  Transportation costs vary based upon the way you choose to arrive in Orlando, the distance involved, and the level of luxury you desire.  Driving from three hours away in a small family car is going to cost a lot less than driving 24 hours in a large SUV.  Flying usually costs more than driving, especially if a rental car is involved once you land.  You can, of course, skip the rental car and just use Magical Express if you are staying on Disney property!… Read the rest

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Today, December 20th 2015 only, Target is selling gift cards for 10% off, up to $300 worth.  You can get them online or in store.  There is supposedly a limit of $300 per household, but there is nothing stopping you from ordering $300 online, then heading to a few stores to pick up more. … Read the rest

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“Cheap” and “shopping” are two terms that are normally not used together when it comes to Disney.  Most of the items at Disney are much more expensive than you would find elsewhere.  However, if you plan ahead, you can spend less money shopping at Disney than you might have otherwise.

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There are two Disney branded credit cards offered by Chase.  The first is the Disney Premier Visa Card that has a $49 annual fee.  It earns 2% at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and most Disney locations and 1% everywhere else.  The other is the Disney Rewards Visa Card that earns 1% on all purchases, but has no annual fee.… Read the rest