Dream Cruise – Part 6 – Disembarkation

Of course, the highs of being on the cruise always come crashing down on Disembarkation day.  We decided to carry our bags off the ship with express walk off, but still enjoy breakfast.  We left our room and headed towards Animators Palette, which is where we had dinner the night before.  Since we had late dinner, our breakfast was at a reasonable time. 

After breakfast, we collected our bags and headed off the ship to wait in the Customs line.  We were through Customs rather quickly, then onto the bus to head back to the airport.  We handed over our bags to the bus driver, who placed them under the bus.  The ride back to the airport was uneventful and we collected our bags again once we got to the airport.

We had afternoon flights, which caused us a slight problem at the Orlando Airport.  We were flying on American Airlines and they wouldn’t take our bags earlier than four hours before our flight.  We had arrived at the airport six hours before our flight, so we had to wait a while to check the bags.  Fortunately, the Orlando airport has lots of great areas for sitting while you are waiting.  We found one that had power outlets and just camped out for a while.  Everybody had their phones to entertain themselves.  Once a few hours had passed, we took the bags back and checked in for our flight.

We also made sure to get some lunch before we headed through the TSA Precheck lines.  There aren’t many choices after the security lines in the Orlando airport. After lunch, we decided to go through security and head to our gate for our flight home.  The flight home was uneventful.  We picked our bags up and headed to our car, which we had parked in the daily garage at Reagan National Airport.  We returned home and head to start getting ready for work the next day.

This cruise had been a replacement for our Halloween cruise that had was canceled because of Hurricane Mathews.  We decided to take our children with us and eventually invited our friends as well.  While I’m sure it would have been nice to go on a cruise as a couple, its always a lot of fun to have family and friends along!  I thought a three day cruise would be too short, but we did manage to squeeze in a lot of fun in three short days!  While I always want to stay on board as long as possible, a three day cruise was a nice break from work without missing too much time away. 

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